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Making clothes and dressing people is an art. People who work on it are artists. I enjoy most the moment when people look at themselves in another way than before. The main objective is to make authentic clothes, not following other fashions, but visually very recognizable because of the use of a lot of handwork and own color choices and fabrics.

Tribal Style

influences in fashion - this trend has been popular through the noughties decade, and emerges in a newer form each season. Ethnic inspired fashion designs had a huge following when the line was called Boho, but now this has morphed into a style which has evolved into world fashion tribal decoration style.


I was very impressed by some editorial pictures from the past, so I wanted to show you a couple snapshots, metallic and glittery... fashion rulzzzz. Daniel jackson is an avid photographer, and has a big interest in the 'straight' photography style. Here I selected a couple of my favourite shots:

One of the VHY models

So, girls do you think is cutie? He is the "Wiener" models from last year and I must admit that is hot! He's represented in NYC by VNY Models, definitely ready to take him to the next level in the highly competitive NYC modeling field. Tomasz was born in

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